全部の先生は「あなたをあまり使いません。」と言った。 日本人は私に「あなた」を書いた、どうする?「おおい、あなた、なぜあなたと言った?O47rashomonsさんだぞ!」 ま、これは日本人より失礼ですね。この事態はアニメの「HunterHunter]を思い浮かぶんでいる。「レオリオサン!」 とにかく、もっと重要なことがありますね?

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Some new Japanese Learning Resources

You know how it is, you find things on the web, and things find you. So I’ve added two more resources to the Japanese Learning Resources page. I’ve rejoined WaniKani. Out of a host of kanji self-study resources, it’s the one that works best for my mind. The problem is that it only works online, so when I’m traveling the subway tunnels, I use the Android Japanese Kanji Study app to reinforce knowledge. There is some overlap in the way they present kanji, but everyone seems to think there is some perfect order to learn these in. I’m happy to be a bit confused while studying, because that means my… Read More

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これは日常のブログ投稿だね?(笑) 人生はいつも忙しいからこのサイトを聞捨ている。悪い考えだと思う。 今年は日本語を学ぶのは本気な気持ちを集める。秋は日本へ行きたい。楽しい時と願う! それから今日の私の聞く事と話す事は将来より良くなければなりません。 よいいちにちを。

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自分で日本語を学ぶことは時を解き放すのでもう怖いです。先生は自分自身だからテストを失敗さればこれから ミラーで見らなければいけませんね。 このごろ日本語を話すことがほしいです。それから、学校のAITASは面白くてになりました。あの学校で没入をします。 次回入ると思います。

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A Tale of Two 文法

So I’ve been using Bunpro on my computer, and today I saw the app for it on Google Play, so I decided to add it to my collection of Japanese language apps. Except when I tried to log in with my ID and password, I couldn’t. After a few tries, I took a closer look, and saw that the app was called Bunpo, not Bunpro. Intrigued, I went on a bit of a detective hunt. If you go to the Bunpo home page, you will find that there is a Contact Us heading, but there is no hyperlink on it. After digging a bit on Twitter, I found this tweet:… Read More

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The Language as She is Spoke

So, I use HelloTalk, and sometimes I use it to actually talk with people. Last night I tried a conversation with a long time language partner. We were both equally clumsy in our studied languages, although I think I was a bit more clumsy. But it was interesting. I figured out something from context and responded, and some of my sentences were spoken without me thinking in English first. What I found lacking from most formal Japanese classes was speaking and listening training. Sure, you did the exercises in the book and played around with the questions and answers a bit, but it wasn’t like a normal everyday, lengthy, conversation.… Read More

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人間は度々恩を忘れますね。 たしかに、誰か貧乏の人生を感じて悲しい気持ちは果たせるかなだと思ういます。 但お金が足りて、お元気は良くて、売れしなければなりませんね。 たくさんの人は色々な欲求を持っています。欲求をもらえなければから不満になります。 人間の生活を感じる時かな?

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Welcome! ようこそ!


本当に毎時間はとうといですね。ひまを持っているから大切な事をしなければいけません。 このごろゲームを遊びすぎると思ういます。ジャンクフードの活動だと思います。 便利なことは多いです、それから、ろくでなしの感じを振っています。 人生は釣り合うの日は最後の事を持っているとおもいます。一生に頑張りましょうか。

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Easy Tomato

My Current Study Routine

So, you can’t study Japanese and not study daily. You can squeak by with less study time in languages closer to English, but Japanese demands a lot of daily studies. I’m going to share my current study tools, and maybe some of them are new to you. Kanji I mean, there are arguments about how hard you need to study kanji if all you want to do is speak the language. But if you’re like me, getting exposure to this part of the writing system helps you learn the spoken part faster. Wanikani I have used Wanikani in the past. It was good for getting down some of the basic… Read More

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