全部の先生は「あなたをあまり使いません。」と言った。 日本人は私に「あなた」を書いた、どうする?「おおい、あなた、なぜあなたと言った?O47rashomonsさんだぞ!」 ま、これは日本人より失礼ですね。この事態はアニメの「HunterHunter]を思い浮かぶんでいる。「レオリオサン!」 とにかく、もっと重要なことがありますね?

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Travelling to Japan — my Dream Trip

Photo via Good Free Photos Well, I need to remind myself why I am studying Japanese, so let’s go through my dream vacation: Tokyo. 2-3 days. Enough time to see some of the sites, and then say after that I have seen Tokyo. It looks like a very busy city, but I also want to visit some quieter places. Kyoto. 5-7 days. I would love to see some kabuki  歌舞伎 and noh 能 theatre while I am here, as well as some temples. Also, to be able to visit 天橋立。 I would also like to meet people I’ve gotten to know online through HelloTalk.

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