So the Internet is full of big rabbit holes to fall down. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant. And then. others…a virtual Japan tour, a new dialect, and…well…

As we all know (right?), Japan doesn’t have a single language. It has a bunch of regional dialects, with foreign students mostly learning 関東弁, the language of the capital, Tokyo.

I think the dialects are interesting, and I really find it interesting that 関西弁 is the dialect of comedians.

And then, we come to Tajimi in Gifu prefecture, home to a virtual tour of Japan.

And you book your virtual tour reservations courtesy of Hans, who is the white guy in the video preview.

“But wait,” you are saying, “what does this have to do with dialects?” Well, I’m glad you asked that. Because Tajimi is home to との弁, described by the YouTube channel as either “Japan’s Funniest Dialect“, or “harsh but cute dialect“.

I really don’t know what to think about this as a marketing strategy for the Tajimi Tourist Board. Am I wrong for wanting to visit there in person right now? Because I do feel conflicted.

Maybe I’ll book a virtual tour of Tajimi first and go from there.

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