So, there are a lot of YouTubers living in Japan and making videos. Some of them are even Japanese.

Japan is perceived as a really cool country by a lot of people who don’t live there. YouTubers find the coolest parts of the country, and display them to us, the Western audience, so many kilometers away from there. We go ooh, aah, and then the cycle repeats.

A lot of these videos are about Japanese food. I understand as well as anyone that Japan is a gourmet’s paradise. And, sure, it’s interesting to see a video now and then about food, but EVERY video?

There’s a lot more to Japan than food. There is a rich art culture, science, technology, and so on. But I guess those things wouldn’t get as many clicks on YouTube.

Like any language, understanding the full culture of a country is a big help in learning the language. So I guess I’m being a bit cranky. But there’s more to Japanese life than shrieking OISHII!!!!! every four minutes.

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