Well, ’tis the season. When Japanese schools around town open up their school year to happy registrants.

Do I want to take a class?


  • structured environment
  • minimal chance to practice speaking
  • teacher to answer (limited) questions


  • cost
  • convenience
  • teacher to answer (limited) questions

You’ll notice (because you’re all smart people) that I have a duplicate listed. This is because, although teachers do answer questions, the school term has always been structured that there is almost no time. The general Japanese lesson plan seems to be

Take hours in semester, divide by time per chapter, multiply by number of chapters, push as far ahead as you can to cover maximum number of chapters in that number of hours.

And I mean full steam ahead, every class. You might be able to get two or three questions in a class, if you’re lucky. I guess you do cover more ground, more quickly that way. But then I find I have to go to a private tutor, to clear up what I missed.

Eh. Still debating about it internally. One school, registration is on Saturday, the other doesn’t start for a couple of weeks.

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