You know how it is, you find things on the web, and things find you. So I’ve added two more resources to the Japanese Learning Resources page.

I’ve rejoined WaniKani. Out of a host of kanji self-study resources, it’s the one that works best for my mind. The problem is that it only works online, so when I’m traveling the subway tunnels, I use the Android Japanese Kanji Study app to reinforce knowledge. There is some overlap in the way they present kanji, but everyone seems to think there is some perfect order to learn these in. I’m happy to be a bit confused while studying, because that means my studying is honest.

On the WaniKani community forums, I found a post talking about Japanese Pod 101 that I’d contributed to years ago. (I mentioned I found the early episodes with the CEO teaching annoying, and others found that his hitting on his female co-hosts disturbing/annoying. I would agree with that, too,) Further down the page, I found some a post with a URL to a site that supposedly picked out the best lessons and summarized them in a post. So I’ve added Nihongo No Baka to the list.

(Great name! Not sure how active this one is, but a dead link check shows all links are still working.)

As for the web finding you, I was actually emailed by one of the owners, or the owner, or…of The True Japan, and he asked me if I would include his site in my resource list. So I did. Hope you find the Japanese Learning Resources page here useful, and I’ll keep updating it.

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