I have an Android app I have had installed for the longest time. So long, I forgot about it.

But then, you see a moment from someone you’re following on HelloTalk, and your memory gets jogged.

To be honest, I forgot about it because my Japanese skill when I installed it was pretty low. But now, I think it’s improved to the point where I can get some benefit from using it regularly.

It’s an app created by the International University of Japan for their students, but non-students can use it too. Called Ganbatte Shadowing, it explains all the concepts of shadowing, and then has “tasks” for you to complete.

You need to download audio files. But as you speak along, it shows a voice graph of what you said versus what the native speaker said. So you can see where all the peaks and valleys are.

Some people report trouble running it, but so far I haven’t had any problems. I’m excited to start using it!

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