I need some motivation to remind me why I’m doing all this Japanese studying, so I am going to write this blog post. These are the places I really want to visit, but if I win the lottery, I’ll be happy to go to lots more.

  • Tokyo. 2-3 days. I think I would be able to enjoy it for this amount of time, but then what looks to be a very hectic pace would wear me out.
  • Kyoto. 4-5 days. I want to see some temples and older buildings, in a quieter city. Also some kabuki and noh theatre, if I can find some. Locals could marvel at my complete lack of knowledge of 関西弁。
  • Osaka. 4-5 days. This would be my “food and comedy” stop. It’s famous for both, so I would want to sample as much of each as I could. Locals could still marvel at my complete lack of knowledge of 関西弁。

Of course, this matches almost everyone’s travel plans. But, they are the most well-known cities in Japan. If I had more money, I am curious about Fukuoka and Sendai, and would also go there.

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