Well, I had to pass on enrolling at the Toronto Japanese Language School.

I’ve had some of the best, and worst, moments of studying Japanese at that school, but the good moments outweighed the bad ones by a lot. If I had any brains, I would have preregistered last summer and saved some cash, but right now I don’t have the ~$600+ dollars to put down for a class. If only they had an installment plan…

Which leaves my other choice, to take a class at the JCCC. Much more affordable, and the classes there are equally good as the same level class at TJLS. I’m just going to come out and say I’m not a fan of “Japanese for Busy People” as a textbook.

It has reams of hiragana all strung together, which trades the showing frightening kanji problem with the making a sentence hard to read problem. Maybe higher levels of the textbook get better with kanji, but I really prefer Genki for its no-nonsense approach. Enough romaji used to explain some things and hiragana, then hiragana for a much smaller amount of space in the textbook, then a start at teaching simple kanji (with furigana).

Ah well. I will keep thinking about whether I want to take a class, or continue self-studying.

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