So Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague, did he? Who did the cooking and dishwashing and cleaning while this mighty man was dipping his quill in the ink?

I’m not going to lie. My studying stopped a month ago. Mentally, I couldn’t handle work, and isolation, and general life, and studying Japanese. The most I’ve done is write some moments on HelloTalk.

But last night, I had a thought. “If you don’t care, why are you bothering?” This seems like a stupid thought, but it reminded me:

  • I began studying Japanese because I loved its culture
  • I began studying Japanese because I wanted to travel around and not starve to death
  • Studying Japanese is a marathon, not a sprint

So I’ll start running the marathon again. I have to have hope that most of us get through this, and that I can go to Japan soon.

But I still have to cook and clean and work, too. And not pretend things out there are normal. And I have to remember that lots of people feel the same way.

Shakespeare, Shmakesspeare.

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