So today I got a message which contained, in part,


Well, I had very little idea what it meant. The first part meant to listen/hear, and the なる part meant that some action was being aimed for, but the exact action was unclear. Except it had to do with listening/hearing.

First I tried pasting it into Aedict. That wasn’t very helpful. Then I did some Google searches on たく, and that wasn’t helpful, either.

Then I looked at the verb, and realised it was in the conjunctive form (or verb stem, or whatever grammatical term you like to use): 聞き. So, 聞き+ます, and so on. So the たく part was somehow related to the conjunctive form.

This led me to another search, on Stack Exchange. Where I found out that this was an adverb conversion of the たい form of the verb, i.e. “to want to do [verb]”.

So a rough translation, then, with my rough translation skills is something like,

“wanting to start listening to”.

I think. But this was a fun challenge for my developing language skills.

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